Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A Collaboration

For some time now, I've been involved in a really supportive online group for adult children of people with BPD, & just recently, someone in the group came up with this brilliant idea of a book & collating all of our stories & experiences to help other people out there who also have lived with this crazy sort of existence.  Basically, whoever in this safe private group is interested, can partake & then  hoping of  having it published.  I am looking forward to reading the other members stories in whole. Or part thereof..whatever is submitted. I think a book like this would be a good read for what seems to be a bigger problem than any of us ever thought & something that also isn't common with anybody else that we all know, in our own lives.

 So I am going to use my blog. I think it's valuable and it's already for the most part, written down already. Whether to go public in the book with my real name or not is another question. I mean, this blog, yes it is out there it is public..if it got into the 'right' hands anybody could read it..but it's also mostly a secret... if you know what I mean... & I'm in 2 minds. But a book that can be found on a shelf & read anywhere..I don't know.
The thing is.. One it's the truth so i will tell it, & 2..there is something about being anonymous which can also be a good thing.

I'm excited & happy to be a part of this, a really useful tool to help other people which is what my aim is at the end of the day.

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Ruth said...

I agree it will be a book I would want to read too.